13 April 2008

You'll learn the hard way

Being young is supposed to be fun.

So why do so many of us run stumbling in the direction of a responsible adulthood?

Now,I have also been guilty of this in past lives. It is especially hard as a female to not want to be everything that society says you should be, even if you are younger than the standard. And at a time when we can no longer get away with putting responsibilities on others, it’s hard to step up and do enough for yourself to feel accomplished. Getting up and going to work and doing a good job just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I feel that this is why so many young people rush into the arms of an amenable adulthood in their early 20’s instead of doing what they can to appreciate what’s left of their foot loose and fancy free-ness.

For instance, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be committed to another person that you can enjoy sharing yourself with. Being in love is sweet. But I feel one of the things young people don’t realize is that by getting married and settling into something that is meant to be so permanent at such a young age they’re not only sacrificing certain liberties (like being able to Change Your Mind...very important) but they’re setting themselves up for a very probable failure. Which to me is a very scary word.

Living is learning.Anyone who knows me knows I’ve fought similar battles. Learning things "the hard way" seems to be the only way things go down these days. What ever happened to taking advice from people older an wiser and trusting your instincts? I guess that’s just not the way our generation was bred to live, which is one of the reasons we not only end up living alone in a nation with a 50% divorce rate, but we’re doing it with 2 or 3 kids living paycheck to paycheck. How empowering.

I don’t usually rant like this about such things, but I’ve been trying really hard lately to be proactive and responsible while still holding on for dear life to the fact that I can go out to the bar and spend the money I was supposed to spend on my phone bill on getting drunk with my friends without it turning into some kind of crisis. It’s an easier balance than most might think.

You should all give it a shot sometime before you’re divorced and collecting/paying child support. Who knows? You might even end up happy one day.

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