02 May 2008

Figure it out

Being a young adult growing up in America has come to be quite terrifying. Not to say that I was ever the kind of person to be all that concerned with my government and how it effects the world around me [I know, it's terrible] but it's almost unavoidable at this point. This being said, when it came to me going back to school and making some kind of concrete decisions concerning my career and my future, I got kind of freaked out. I started doing research on so many different professions, more or less searching for the one who's degree would take me the least amount of time to obtain [and would make me the most money in the least amount of time]

In realizing that all I was doing was becoming part of the American Scum that has scared me into this position in the first place, I've decided to stop being a bitch about everything and just go to nursing school. It's something I've had my heart on for some time now, and instead of being intimidated by the stress of school I've decided to start now and deal with it as it comes. I'm no stranger to the stresses of the medical profession and I need to stop making all of these excuses and just do what God has been putting on my heart this whole time.

I'm anxious. But I don't think anything has ever felt this good.

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